Champions League 2019

Champions League 2019:  The quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League continued on Wednesday, and Juventus and Barcelona will be the most popular teams.

It is expected that the Bianconeri will head Ajax in Amsterdam, but before the game at Old Trafford there was not much choice between Barcelona and Manchester United.

Despite this, there is good reason to believe that the odds can be despised. Juventus expects Cristiano Ronaldo to fully adapt to Ajax, which is enough to eliminate Real Madrid in the last round.

At the same time, Manchester United hopes to reproduce the magic of Paris Saint-Germain’s historic return in the second round of the 16th round. Much depends on the Red Devils to keep Barcelona attacking Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez quiet.

The Red Devils will need the pace of a 21-year-old striker to lead the Barcelona team into a series of victories from four games, but his speed is fast.

Central defenders Gerard Piquet and Clement Langlet can sue opponents in the air, but they don’t like Rushford, Anthony Martial or Jesse Lingard.

Although Manchester United can make Barcelona a solid footing, Solsk knows the game, and the overall draw will be explained by how his players can effectively control Messi:

Solskjaer talks about the quality of Argentina, especially when it comes to Suarez.

Uruguay is no stranger to Manchester United in a game with Liverpool. If Messi devotes too much attention, Suarez will most likely allow Barcelona to take them to Camp Nou in the second round on Tuesday.

The final goal of Khung-min Son allowed Tottenham Hotspur to withdraw Manchester City on Tuesday with a score of 1: 0 and win the first European Championship at the new stadium, winning the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal. ,

Pedrio Guardiola was unable to score a goal during his first visit to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Mauricio Pochettino got the advantage of the patient’s plan, because his son was in the first round Victory in the middle.

After referee assistant video Danny Rose made a handball in the area, Hugo Lorris saved Sergio Aguero a free throw for just 12 minutes, and Harry Kane was injured in the second half. ,

Liverpool won the Porto team, they scored six wins in a row after defeating the Dragons 2-0, Nabi Keita and Roberto Firmino completed the game in the first half hour.

Lionel Messi and Bayern Munich Robert Lewandowski led the top scorer, scoring eight goals, although the latter did not participate in the game after the 16th in Liverpool.

Liverpool was the last team in which the European team scored in Europe. Last season they defeated Citizens’ team with a score of 3: 0. The curse of the England team came again because they were muffled in the north of London.

The son already enjoyed admiration among Tottenham supporters, but in the 78th minute his triumph strengthened his position as the club’s biggest hero this season (for the USA only):

Earlier in the second stage, Tottenham had a hard time losing Kane, who looked like an ankle injury. He hit the tunnel at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and finally made his first unforgettable European debut at the new site.

After the useless conflict between Fernandinho and Kane was ignored, VAR attracted more unnecessary attention, although the Spurs will still lead by one margin before heading to Etihad next Wednesday. ,

Liverpool posed a similar threat in the second half, but fell in effectiveness in the last third. At the same time, after the ball hit the hand of Alexander Arnold in the field, Porto, unfortunately, did not receive his penalty through VAR.

Despite this, their cleanliness allowed them to visit Estadio Do Dragao next week, and Klopp will take him to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League for the second year in a row.

Sports reporter Joel Rabinowitz stressed the importance of his cleaning hours:

The people of Jürgen Klopp began to play with Porto at home and in two minutes reached two goals, which indicates the possibility of predatory behavior.

Keita made Liverpool a quick start at Anfield and, using rejection, scored two goals for two goals at Guinea International and spent nine months winning the first goal for the club.

Shortly thereafter, Firmino struck a cleaner blow for the second time, finishing with Trent Alexander-Arnold’s exact dart (USA only):